Why should you play in the billiard club “Botsman”?

– club provides a wide range of professional accessories for the game;

– cues of the brand «Fortuna», presented in the assortment, differ in functional parameters, growth criteria and will not leave indifferent even the most picky player;

– for real professionals the club offers to rent cents “Vantex” 10 cuts made of hornbeam and Transcarpathian oak;

– brand Vantex is the leader of the domestic market for billiard cues, and you can rent inventory on the conditions of the billiard club “Boatswain” for only 100 rubles for the whole game during the day;

– the club uses only high-quality stickers for cues of the American brand “Triangel”, which has an impeccable reputation and is on the list of the most reliable manufacturers;

– during the game used crayons verified company «Master Blu Billiard Chalk» (USA);

– alls for the game Aramith Premier Pyramid, selected by “Botsman”, were produced by the famous Belgian firm “Saluc S.A”, which has become the industry standard for billiard balls.

BC “Botsman” offers residents and guests of Samara to get full satisfaction from playing at a professional level with all the necessary equipment and conditions for a wonderful time.


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To ensure the safety and maximum compliance with standards, billiard tables care is provided by the professional marker of BC “Botsman”. The staff of the club monitors the safety and cleanliness of cloth and boards. Regular replacement of equipment and cloth of billiard tables is also carried out to exclude damages that could affect the quality and course of the game.

The billiard club “Botsman” gives its guests the opportunity to deposit their personal cue before the next visit. Inventory will be kept in accordance with the norms under lock as much as required.


BC “Botsman” offers to purchase or order individual accessories for playing billiards.

The offer covers:

– cues;

– crayons;

– balls;

– gloves.

Some of the necessary accessories can be considered and purchased when visiting a billiards club, others are available for order. Delivery of inventory is carried out as soon as possible.